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We are thrilled to announce we are now listed on the cryptocurrency exchange Cfinex!
Cfinex features dozens of different cryptocurrencies including many of the major ones. What we like most about Cfinex is it is the easiest exchange to use that we have ever seen! It also doesn't take a week or longer to get approved like most other exchanges, you can create and start using an account within minutes. It doesn't require all the personal information that most exchanges do either. All around we think Cfinex is raising the bar for exchanges and we are excited Coxxx Coin is now available on their platform! Start trading CXC on Cfinex at www.cfinex.com



Recently at AVN we announced that we have started our own cryptocurrency, Coxxx Coin (CXC) !
The response was incredible! All sorts of people stopped by our booth asking about Coxxx Coin! Producers, models, crypto currency investors, tech industry workers, media outlets, etc. It was exciting to see the adult industry so open and ready to receive Coxxx Coin! The 2 major adult media outlets AVN & Xbiz covered the launch of CXC! There are links to the articles below as well as a few photos from the show!

AVN- https://avn.com/business/press-release/technology/coxxx-models-launches-cryptocurrency-coxxx-coin-759392.html

Xbiz- https://www.xbiz.com/news/233225/coxxx-models-offers-coxxx-coin-ico



We have launched the Coxxx Coin (CXC) Crowdsale as of January 26th 2018!

It is done through an Ethereum contract which accepts .0001 ETH for 1 CoxxxCoin (CXC). 500,000,000 CXC tokens is up for sale representing 50% of the total available of 1 billion. The crowdsale landing page has realtime updates based on Ethereum JSON RPC and updates the funders to the status of the project in real time. For more info and to get your Coxxx Coin now visit https://pastebin.com/b2jDzqw8